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I am a photographer-filmmaker who needs no light meters because the moon eclipses the sun on my command, resulting in perfect exposure. ( that would be pretty shway right?)  I’m in my early thirties and I’ve been professionally photographing for three hundred and sixty five days, (when you say it like that it sounds like it’s been FOREVERRRR - haha) while I never have to adjust white balance, the world shifts it’s color to suit my taste - hehe. Most of my skill has come from my own sphere of influence be it parkour, fashion, fitness and health, lifestyle or just hanging out with friends and exploring the city. Fear not! Models have no need for escorts, because I am the escort. But! Seriously, if you would like to bring a friend, please do. More the merrier or something like that! Frequently referred to as ‘The High Dynamic Ranger’, all images I capture display perfect contrast, hue and saturation needless to say, I’ve jumped all over this city. However, if you have shooting locations, please let me hear them! I’m currently working on a zombie apocalyptic shoot so lets just say out of every ten shots I take, eleven I keep! We’ll take as many shots as we possibly need to in order to snatch that one perfect impression. I am a paid photographer and ready to travel around the globe. Please note, I take pictures both on a paid basis and opened to collaborative TF proposals that are approved by me. All images I capture are edited to perfection at the time of exposure - haha! Get it? I’ve worked with a few models women and men and I never have to focus.  Models run back and forth in front of my camera and stop when they’re perfectly sharp - lol! I never flip my camera to portrait position, the Earth rotates for me..hahaha! Although, we will be taking so many photos you may even get tired of me! I prefer you to come ready to start snapping photos as the right focal length lens for our shoot is always on my camera. However, if you don’t the wind blowing around me will toss your hair perfectly, while never disturbing my lightstands - so no worries! I’d rather the both of us be comfortable with little to no stress.


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